Chamber Of Chills #6: "A Sight For Sore Eyes!"

Chamber Of Chills #6
"A Sight For Sore Eyes!"
September, 1973

Story: Unknown
Art: Unknown

Two of Luther Cain's employees are having a few words about him at his
real estate offices.  Their nearsighted employer is having them working
overtime again, and has one of them looking for the Randall property
papers before it's time for them to go.

Having heard their comments, Luther Cain is ready for the Randall
mortgages, and not their comments.  The redheaded secretary rushes to
catch her bus, while her blonde friend stutters, and hands over the
paperwork.  He doesn't care, as long as he receives his money's worth
from his employees.  Cain has become used to the remarks about his
personality from his employees and business associates... and does not
care.  There is one thing which continues to rankle him... his poor
eyesight.  A pedestrian darts out of the way in time, then shakes his
fist after the car which nearly struck him.  The best optometrists and
eye doctors in the world can do nothing for him, but Luther Cain is
content with his money, and the Randall property which he will be
claiming tonight.

Despite his poor eyesight, the real estate agent can see the prime
property owned by Caleb Randall.  The elderly man seems to be unaware of
what he owns, but his own tears are not enough to melt the stone heart of
Luther Cain.  Randall is unable to sign the foreclosure papers, for the
sake of his wife's health, but he doesn't have the money to pay Cain.
The money had been used for an eye doctor to heal her sight.  A strange
one, but a wonderful doctor who was able to completely restore her
vision.  Remembering his own affliction, Luther Cain asks Caleb where he
can find this doctor, but the older man seems reluctant, and wants to
tell him something else.  The real estate agent offers to sign over the
mortgages, if this doctor is all he claims to be, and the place will
belong to them.  Although his wife is not here, Caleb is unsure about
what he should do.

It is nighttime as they make their way up a lonely mountain road...  Cain
learns that this particular doctor has chosen to live like a hermit, but
assumes it's because he's a genius.  Em has told her husband that since
the man doesn't have a medical license, he has to keep things under the
table.  Standing in the unclean shack, and looking at the bearded doctor
with the unwavering eyes, the real estate agent is beginning to have
second thoughts.  As Caleb asks if his friend can be helped, the bootleg
doctor is confident in his abilities, and continues to chew on an apple.
The patient is to be placed on the operating table in the next room --
for some impromptu surgery, and the old man is to administer the
anaesthetic.  Luther Cain shudders at the doctor's eagerness to get
started, but the man chews on his apple, and wonders how badly his
patient wants to see again.  The patient rests on the kitchen table...
with Caleb applying the chloroform, and the real estate agent sinking
into a darkness filled with fear.

Days pass, with Luther Cain smiling as he recovers in the Randall home,
and is reassured by Em that eyesight can be a heavenly thing.  Although
they treat him as one of the family, Cain wonders if he can somehow
nullify the paper of ownership he had signed over to the Randalls.  These
thoughts end when the time comes for the unveiling.  He wonders what it
will be like not having to stumble into things.  Luther Cain lets go of
his breath and licks his lips, as a white light greets his eyes.  The
blurry image of Caleb comes into sharp focus.  His heart filled with joy,
he then turns towards Em, and looks again...  At first he thinks it must
be double vision, but no...  His fingers reach towards his own face, as
the old woman tells him how it can be hard getting used to.  Thanks to
the doctor who took care of Em Randall, Luther Cain now has four eyes to
see with.

The Grand Comics Database has no creator credits for this story.

I've had many coworkers who were in the real estate business.

If he had been a nicer sort, Luther Cain might have been able to gain
super senses by helping an old man out of the way of a truck carrying
radioactive materials.

As it is, the real estate agent could have made his home in the
subterranean bowels of Monster Island.

When dealing with Em, it's always a good idea to click your heels
together, and say "There's no place like home... there's no place like

I wonder if Caleb and Em Randall ever came across a rocketship in their
backyard?  Whoops!  Wrong universe.

An apple a day failed to keep the doctor at bay.

Anyone else have the feeling that if Luther Cain hadn't thought about
nullifying the paperwork, he would have regained his eyesight without the
unsightly side-effects?

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and right now a certain real estate
agent has more soul than James Brown.

Steve Chung
"A Review For Sore Eyes!"